Jaleisa Laventure
Jaleisa Laventure
Jaleisa Laventure
Jaleisa Laventure
Jaleisa Laventure

Obituary of Jaleisa Amauri Laventure

              Jaleisa was 30 years old.  On January 9th Kimberly’s sweet daughter was swooped up into the arms of Jesus. On March 6th 1991, Jaleisa was born in Tucson Az. Jaleisa was the greatest gift God had ever given to Kim. Being her mom has been and always will be the greatest honor of Kim’s lifetime.  Jaleisa was proceeded in death by her Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Lorraine Burke. Also proceeded by her cousin Levi Jake Cruz and Jacob Whosoever LaJoy a dear family friend. Survived by her devoted mother Kimberly J. Laventure.  She loved and will always love her baby girl. Kim will go forward by the grace of God in life with love and loyalty from family and friends. Jaleisa was lifted up and in health, life, and laughter by the following family members her Nana Sherry and her baby girl Minnie {best doggy ever} who adored her beyond what words could say. Her Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Justin. Her Uncle Jesus and Aunt Robin Cruz.  Jaleisa’s honorary Grandparents Don and Carol Melhado. Mr. and Mrs. Claus {Lil and Otto}. Aunt Roberta Harris and her precious son Bryan Harris and Denise. Aunt Roberta Burke, From Rochester New York. Daniel Laventure and Joanna Wong.  April Valencia, Francesca, Nickolos Cruz and wife Maria Cruz.  Jeffery and Hillary Offak. Chris and Z King. Their precious daughter Jennessy as well as their son Ando and his wife Heather King.  Honorary family and friends Mr. Dave and Mrs. Jodi Garcia and their three beautiful children and grandchildren.  Honorary family Shakira Lindgren and her son Adam Horner Jr. Honorary Tio’s Angel Valencia and Tye Gentry. Lorenzo and Colleen Jones and their children James and Anastacia and newborn son Ronon Jones Katelynn and Dustin Jones. Doreen Johncox and her dog Archie. Honorary family the Rivera’s who loved Jaleisa as one of their own. Kim is grateful for all the love that they showed her daughter. Nana Elvira Rivera, Uncle Rafael Rivera, Aunt Bernadina Rivera Aunt Nina and Uncle Mariano Rivera Barela. Honorary Cousin and sister of Jaleisa’s heart Ariana Rivera her husband and Timothy Killeen, and their sweet boy Zayden. Also Tim’s mother Eleanor, Cousin Natalie, Cousin Elias Rivera, Cousin Julian Rivera, Cousin Carolyna Rivera. Honorary family Georgia. Ira Howard Aunt Gal Denise Howard. Honorary love of Jaleisa’s life, Mr. Ashley Bell and his three precious children whom Jaleisa loved and adored.


Eulogy for Jaleisa Amauri Laventure 

Date of birth 03-06-1991       Date of passing 01-09-2022

Jaleisa Amauri Laventure –

              “Only the good die young”, and she was the best!!!!! On the day of her passing God opened the Heavens!! Our good Lord knew that it was my precious daughter’s time to be blessed and called home. Home to Heaven, her final destination. Heaven, a beautiful place where she would no longer feel the pain of Arthritis and stills disease. She fought a brave fight!! She lived her life to the fullest. Through the trials of many surgeries and Kidney issues she fought and won! She even in her Stills disease JRA and Lupus as well as hip and knee surgeries she won the battle. Just before Christmas Jaleisa tested positive for COVID 19. My precious girl passed after battling and fighting for her life from the virus.

                I know now unequivocally that Jaleisa now has the gift of being pain free without sorrow.  She has the gift of God’s love now more than ever. During this time as our family is mourning with great brokenness of the astronomical as loss of our precious Jaleisa, we hold on to the hope of Heaven. I as Jaleisa’s mother am truly so+ thankful for all the amazing out pouring of Prayers, Sympathy, support and condolence cards, flowers, and spoken words of encouragement!! We are thankful for the meals and nourishment physically and spiritually. Please continue to keep our family and friends in prayer as we are in mourning for my daughter Jaleisa in your prayers.

                My daughter Jaleisa was a powerful beautiful daughter of the King of Kings. She was strong and courageous. Her wisdom was beyond her years. Jaleisa was a faithful friend to so many. She went out of her way to support and help others in need. If a person was on Jaleisa’s path and needed her help she would drop everything and throw on her Super Cape and run to the rescue. She would say “mom I found and animal that needs recuing” or “a person who needs help”!  I would get up no matter what and run out the door to help her help others. I will miss those adventures with her. She always went the distance for others. I will continue to   hold on to the Hope that one day I will be side by side with my daughter rejoicing in life ever more. I will be forever proud of my daughter and her willingness to go the distance for others

                Growing up when it came to religion I raised my daughter to understand that her body is a temple given to her by God. My daughter was so blessed to be raised up to know so many cultures and ways of life. Her Aunt Robin and Uncle Jesus took her to church and VBS!! I am forever grateful for our family and friends that came into Jaleisa’s life and gave her the love of God and the knowledge of His word. This empowered her with her life’s walk here on earth.

                I am so honored to have been given 30 beautiful years with my daughter. Honored that I was able to be her mama. I have never told anyone this …… Now I am ready….  Jaleisa often called me Kim. However from time to time she called me mom. These mom moments touched my heart in the depth of my soul. This meant more to me than words could ever say. I knew it was Gods way of reminding me that I was her mama and she loved me.

I always tried to teach Jaleisa “that it takes a village to raise a child”. To nana Sherry, Aunt Becky and her family Aunt Robin and her family I am so thankful for all of you and the love you showed our precious Jaleisa.  To the Rivera’s a family who loved Jaleisa as their own. I am forever grateful to all of you. To the following families thank you for your love kindness and friend ship you gave my daughter.

The Garcia Family

The Ochoa Family

The Cruz family

The Mercados

             Thank you so for the love and kindness you all showed my precious baby girl. Jaleisa loved all of you unconditionally. Jaleisa loved her aunt Roberta from New York. She told Jaleisa to never worry about having a filter on her mouth and to always feel free to speak her mind. Jaleisa wanted to one day go to New York and visit her roots of her Burke and Laventure family. She also talked about her desire to go to the place of my birth in New York.  I am beyond thankful for the times we spent at our Aunt Coleen and Uncle Lorenzo’s home in California.  They always loved Jaleisa’s laughter. Gave her words of wisdom. They always allowed her to be herself. They always spoke to Jaleisa about God without judgement. I am also very thankful to my Aunts and cousins the Burkes, Kings, and Colburn’s who loved Jaleisa. She also loved them.

                I want to let anybody who knew Jaleisa as CALI that she adored you also. She loved collecting those Starbucks cups with her Starbucks club!!  She loved the hunt of those cups!!!!  I am forever grateful for all the humans that were loyal honest and loving to my daughter!! To all the people who were her Uber passengers thank you so much. She always told me the stories of how she had great adventures as she rode you to your destinations!! I will truly miss your stories that she shared in the early morning hours.

                There is so much more I could say about my precious girl. The void that will be left in my heart is forever. One day I know I will go to her. On that day my heart will, be fully restored. Until I am with her again, I hold her in my heart. She will be with when I see a hummingbird passing by. She will with me when I see beautiful sunrises and sunsets. When I see the see the beautiful white snow on Mt Lemon I will think of her. When spring comes and the flowers bloom I will see her. I will forever cherish of memories that I was given with my daughter. The greatest gift I have ever been given was being my daughters’ mother.

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