Our original and main location, situated in what is now central Tucson, was opened by the Adair family in 1956. The original building has had two major additions added to it over the years to try and keep up with the growth of the area and the number of families that we serve. Now comprising approximately 12,000 square feet, it offers a chapel with seating for approximately 150 people with overflow areas that allow for approximately another 100 - 150 people. Several slumber rooms are available for our families, as well as several arrangement offices. Keeping with the Adair family's goal of providing a true community service, this chapel also provides contractual services to Pima County, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Department of the Air Force and  the Bureau of Prisons. We also provide services for the Southern Arizona Missing In Action Project. We maintain our own crematory on premises with multiple retorts available to provide services for our families.

Dodge Chapel

1050 N. Dodge Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716

(​520) 201-1130

Open 24/7 by phone
8:30-5 Mon-Fri


Cremation, Burial, Funerals, Life Celebrations, Veterans, Shipping

Where to Find Us

1050 N. Dodge Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716