Gerald Spinks

Obituary of Gerald John Spinks


Gerald John Spinks

September 11, 1944—June 22, 2022

Gerry loved mathematics, music, science, languages, rare minerals, conchology, philately, woodworking, birding, travel, and most especially international folk dance and music. He began learning German culture and folk dance at age 6 and continued dancing for more than 70 years. He was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, attending Gannon College to become an electrical engineer. Gerry worked for a variety of companies including North Electric, Magnavox, Cummins Engine, John Deere, and Raytheon.

Work took him to Southeast Asia in the '60s. In the mid-'70s he traveled to Communist Romania and performed traditional Romanian folk dance as part of an American dance group. He birded in Central and South America, visited West Africa, spent the night in Timbuktu, and toured China before the Three Gorges Dam helped tame the Yangtze River. He taught math literacy to adults, caroused with Greek and Macedonian immigrants, played the violin, and danced a beautiful Swedish hambo.

Gerry's parents Gerald Spinks and Rosemary Volkmar Spinks predeceased him as did his brothers Dick and Dave. He is survived by his partner Nancy Bannister, family Kim Bannister and Marion Graham, dear friend Rosie Bennett, Mary Ellen Spinks; siblings Anne, Barbara, Carol, Dan, Jim, Mary, and Tom; children Mary, Corinne, Gerald, and Gordon; grandchildren Joseph, Jonathan, Jacob, and Emma Joy; and his many friends in the international folk dance community.

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