Donald Wayne Hinzman

Donald Wayne Hinzman

AKA Don Mother F@$%ing Hinzman, AKA Alley Cat, age 54 of Tucson, AZ passed away 26 August 2021.

What will we miss most about our incredible brother? His big heart, his compassion, and his laughter. Don loved to laugh, and it would make everyone around him laugh also. Don was there for many. He changed people’s lives every day. He never turned away anyone who needed him. Don’s legacy is one of “elevation”, he elevated spirits, he elevated himself, he elevated everyone around him. He stood up for people and stood up for himself.

Don’s talents extended beyond being a legendary Grand Master of his unique martial art style. He was a song writer, guitarist, actor and a stunt man. Let’s face it Don was a Bad A$% who protected everyone he loved. He lived his life in his own way and on his own terms. His determination not to be overcome by the world or its conformist pressures is summarized by the tattoo on his knee “Thou shall not kneel.” He believed in his family and held people close to his heart.

Don shared with us all his gift and love of music which extends through all genres. He told the story of his life through his music.

Don is joining his parents Annette and Wesley Hinzman. We can only imagine the exciting and joyous reunion that this is.

He is survived by his daughter Lynette.

Don will be missed by his four brothers and two sisters and their spouses. Jeff (Julie), Holly (Callis), Gina, Matthew (Lisa), Jared (Stacey), Tyrell (Victoria).

He will also be missed by his many nieces and nephews, who will miss his lessons of life, martial arts and guitar playing. Sean, Ellie, Kevin, Kyle (Kiara), Casey, Tawnie, Athena, Jacob, Kyleigh, Kendall, Isaiah, Viktor, Isabella, Samantha, Alexia, Isaiah, Aiden, Arabella.

One poignant example of these teachings comes from Athena his grandniece who remembers being taught at the age of one to punch those (Halloween) spiders that scared her. Today Athena will say “punch those spiders” to any challenge or fear in life.

You and Granny keep raising hell! We love you Don Mother F@$%ing Hinzman!