Keryl Suzette Bauer

Keryl Suzette Bauer, 73, passed away September 13th 2020, surrounded by family. She had overcome breast cancer in 2013 and bravely endured dementia for the past 3 years.

Keryl graduated with honors from Academy of Our Lady in Peoria, IL in 1965. She studied at The Jewish Hospital of Nursing in St. Louis, Mo and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Stevens College in Columbia, Mo in 1977. She worked in Greensville, Ak at a mental health clinic before returning to Columbia to raise her two children. As a determined and hardworking mother, she worked for Missouri University Hospital in the ER while going back to school and becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She moved to Maryland in 1996 and began pursuing her PHD while working at the VA. In 2002 she moved to Tucson to be close with her children and grandchildren. She continued her work as a Geriatric Specialist at the VA in Tucson and was later forced to retire due to her sickness.

Keryl had a passion to work and excelled in her profession. She was kind and generous to her family, her patients and everyone around her. She lived an admirable life and had a beautiful soul.

Keryl was blessed with a daughter, a son and two granddaughters. She was an amazing, devoted mother and grandmother. She was patient, understanding, forgiving and loving. She was selfless, gracious and dignified. Keryl loved to sew and bake. She was fond of DIY projects and was never shy of picking up a tool and getting the job done. She had a fondness for Alaska and was able to spend a few years of her late life enjoying time there.

Keryl is survived by her three siblings, two children and two granddaughters. She joins her mother Jan, who passed away September 21, 2020.

We love you with all of our hearts.